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When people think about leadership they think about the same old text book answers that everyone says in every forum on leadership. Allot of people think that leadership is something you can just wake up with one day, when actually its something thats learn over time. most of the time your have leaders who could control a huge body of people and steer them the wrong way because they didn’t learn those intermediate steps to becoming a leader in the first place. you have to learn how to follow before you can lead anyone. being a follower doesn’t mean something bad it just means that you have to get a few pointers from others. many people cant do this because they feel like their ego is being attacked or they feel like they could do better when they haven’t even followed long enough to corrected there wrongs.

The idea of leadership is an very sensitive subject because it could predict the way you see, breath, and change the world. I feel that a lot leaders like rappers really could lead people in the wrong way. Most people dont understand whats going on because there in the situation. Myself i have been freed from the wrath of these promoters of wrong. if you really get deep down to it, its not the rappers or artist theirselfeves its the company that believes negative shit sells!


About Gregory Keith

Im 19 years old, i was born in Atlanta, moved to chicago when i was one. Since then i have been an agent of change during my time spent in this wonderful world. I LOVE INTERACTING WITH EVERYONE. i feel that the way i look at the world is very different from many. There are few people in the world like me that feels that the world needs saving and are actually trying to save it day by day with something as simple as hello!

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