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Fear is the burning of success that roams around your heart. fear wraps itself around your heart and squeezes it. its the hurts of accomplishment that growths within you that you fear. reach into your heart and pull that shit out of you! only you can save your life no one else can. life can beat you up and spit you out. its not about how much you can take, its about how much you can take and keep moving forward!

You are the master of your faith and the captain of your soul! so act like it!


About Gregory Keith

Im 19 years old, i was born in Atlanta, moved to chicago when i was one. Since then i have been an agent of change during my time spent in this wonderful world. I LOVE INTERACTING WITH EVERYONE. i feel that the way i look at the world is very different from many. There are few people in the world like me that feels that the world needs saving and are actually trying to save it day by day with something as simple as hello!

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