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Well when i first started rogue i could really work it because i was using safiri instead of “firefox” which i had to download. i started to play, wasnt hard to cacth on to. even thought it looking like some upscaled attar tennis. I really got into it after a while that I started to talk to back to the game. Those “$”s really could come out of nowhere! i made it all the way to to face the “d” it got killed, after that i felt that the job was done and kept going!


About Gregory Keith

Im 19 years old, i was born in Atlanta, moved to chicago when i was one. Since then i have been an agent of change during my time spent in this wonderful world. I LOVE INTERACTING WITH EVERYONE. i feel that the way i look at the world is very different from many. There are few people in the world like me that feels that the world needs saving and are actually trying to save it day by day with something as simple as hello!

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