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American cartoons .vs.Anime

American cartoons .vs.Anime

Anime originally was for adults, and kids has definitely been changed when it came to America. Anime has lost its foundation of Japanese culture that started from the beginning. Japanese people think that America has taken there image. In Japan Anime back ground meaning to them that is not like American cartoons. Anime is the Japanese way of life and culture seeing children reading the comics at school. To Americans the definition has changed  by Americanizing it. Anime definition in America makes children want to watch it more because they can relate to it, like in popular cartoons.  All cartoons for kids are only missing one thing which is normal living for Japanese people everyday life. 

America to me has taken aspects of anime an joined it to the cartoon world in many different ways like comic books and movies. I enjoy a lot of different genres that has been mixed up if it be cartoon or comics. The only thing is that comics in the US are not as vivid as the anime comics. American people used to comics who make just stick figures rather when in Japan anime is very detailed. Many people think the meaning of anime has changed but when it came to the US some parts are still the same. On the other hand America can make small changes to make Japanese culture look the same. As far as anime goes it took steps just for it to be grasped in American culture through cartoons an comics and it will take more to get the full version across and understood. America is making small steps such as Pokémon but it a process that in due time will become complete.


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