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Part 2 – Community & Writing Process

The prewriting process was ok to many I didn’t really think to much of it. The thing i liked the most about the prewriting is that it gave me a chance to get my thoughts together and create a blue print for my work. The practice of writing multiple drafts were helpful because everything i did it i notice more and more mistakes  that i could correct. There were basically alot of dramatically mistakes rather than my information about the project! When i went back to revise i had to do was with my sentences because of my ideas steady changing. My instructor feedback helped be me because i would always send them emails to check up on whats being done. when it comes to aiding i wish i could have set down more than i did. if we could have went over everything. Its koo writing outside the class room because it can help me understand more of the outside world.

About Gregory Keith

Im 19 years old, i was born in Atlanta, moved to chicago when i was one. Since then i have been an agent of change during my time spent in this wonderful world. I LOVE INTERACTING WITH EVERYONE. i feel that the way i look at the world is very different from many. There are few people in the world like me that feels that the world needs saving and are actually trying to save it day by day with something as simple as hello!

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